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vrijdag 6 april 2012


Day 6 of the blogchallenge.

Detail from Japanese Garden
My first Handembrodered
painting Japanes Garden 1966
We were lucky to travel a lot in our life. For most in Europe, but we traveled 3 times to the Far East and worked as juggers in Japan, Hongkong, Taiwan and Thailand.
I could write a whole book about the experience we had there. The people and traditions, like their gardens and tempels. So very different than here in Holland. I was always busy making showcostumes and looked for the handstiched kimono's. That is where I found a different way of handembroidering Artpictures. I bought everything I needed for that work. Tread in all colours and a special needl. You have to pul a little of the thick tread loose so it gets all wrinkeled, than pul it trough a long needle with an opening on 1 end and on the other end a larg eye to put the thread in . After that it is easy just follow lines stiching in and out it goes very fast.  I just found an other piece that I did not finish yet but I will if I find the needl again.
Unfinished object

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  1. Your work is amazing. Just looked at some of your pictures on your facebook page. Love the art of Japan and your work is so compimentary to it!

    1. Hi Carollina Thank You very much for Your comment and greetings from the netherlands

  2. Great piece. I am sure you can order a needle for that kind of work online.

  3. I'm ure I will find it some day here in my room the question is where to look?????