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donderdag 5 april 2012

My Piano

I have to stay focused and that is not easy for me, I am chaotic,but maybe this blogchallenge keeps me on track. Everyday I look at my etsy store

after that I open all my emails see what Michele Scism has written about the challenge and yes yesterday I setup my Fanpage on Facebook it a little better now but not yet compleat.

Than I love to play the piano. When I was young my mam thought I had to go to Ballet, to Acting, to Gym, to Tapdance, so I was busy after scool. At the age of 17,  I became my piano, but did not have enough time to practice because I started my business as a Showdancer with a big show called Tik Tak we travelled through Holland, that is where I met my husband in 1963 but that is an other story.
Now I have time to play the piano again I found very good online lessen it is called Play piano today.
Check it out. David Sprunger is the teacher and he has 100.000 piano students world wide.
Now I am off to play the BLUES. Have a nice day

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