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woensdag 4 april 2012

Small tanned book

Klein bruin boekje,
That is the title of a small Poetry book that I wrote my self. About two years ago I found on different note books, poetry in several languages that I had written now and then, and decided to make my own book. That was not so easy, I had to find out how that works. Opend some books, cut out the spine and looked how it was binded. After a few failures it worked out pritty nice. My book has a little story at the beginning and followed by 95 poems.

Here is one of them, it is called


Traveling around the world
Music touches my heart
Like waterdrops passing by
that calling sound

It seems it never stops
no matter what age I am
waiting for wonders in
a different land
What do I want to see?

Nervous heart beat
like drums far away
getting louder every day
I've got to go my way

Following the sounds
of traveing
inspired by the music
of all different kind
It does not matter where i go
I know,it will always be there

By the way if You like to know more about this little book, please get in contact with me by mail

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