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vrijdag 29 maart 2013

Winter activities

It is been a while, but with this very cold and winterly weather, Dieter and I spent many hours together painting. Dieter made about 20 very lovely aquarels and I experimented also with watercolor. Here is one of my last paintings. I call it Underwater fantasie and is made with silk paint and pen. I enjoyed it very much and was almost like meditation.

But we also went to a nice exhibition with 3 artist in the so called "Achterhuis" The owner Ghiel Pijpers, provides local artists the opportunity to exhibit since 1994. 
The Artist : Mariette Verlinden, for Paintings and womenfigures painted on stone.

I liked them so much so I bought a nice piece. I think it is important also for other artist to buy Art if You can afford it ofcourse!

Lieke Bartels, Sculptures
Franka van Neerven, also Sculptures. Visit her website 
It was fun to talk to them and had some good wine too.

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