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dinsdag 24 april 2012

Pretty old garden

It is not the best time yet to write about our garden. Last week it was still cold and the plants still waiting to bloom. But as the ultimate blogchallenge is only one week more, I love to share some pictures. Also a funny clip we made from a blue finch, who landed in our garden and thought he had a friend while he looked in and around a mirror.
We also have a collection of old copper from Suisse, and a very old stone we found in the basement of our house.
a chandelier above a little pond with goldfish
Mozaic pot made by me, above the old stone we found
 We had an earthquack 13th of april 1992 and a few MERGEL stones came down from our church. They had generally break, but we could take them and now my husband and son in law made some nice sculptures.

made by Tuson Big Mountain
Made by Dieter Lange
Made by Dieter Lange, my husband
A very special place in my heart is a Japanese Lantern which my late father made for us out of marble
I could place so many more pictures, I love our small garden, it is also very nice in wintertime , but for now, this will be it. Hope You enjoy my pictures

All pictures are made by me or my husband ©Coby Lange

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  1. What a beautiful garden! Thank you for sharing your pictures!!!

    1. Thank You very much for your comment. Greetings from me