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maandag 23 april 2012


Time to visit a gallery again. So I went to the Eesdron in a smal town Hückelhoven in Germany. I was there a while ago and Mrs. Rosemarie Trampert the owner of the gallery invited me to this vernissage. She has new artist every 3th. Friday of the month. This time she had an exhibition with Heinrich Jüttner, who has his own Atelier in Gelsenkirchen, together with 2 friends: Heribert Reismann and Wolfgang Sternkopf.
The name of their place is Atelier-jrs
Heinrich Jüttner: Born in 1949, autodidakt and works with all the colours of the rainbow.
In German, rainbow is"Regenbogen", for this reason he named his work REBO. He uses simple materials, mostly found in an office, like coloured papers and found objects. He loves clear and simple lines and put scraps of paper in small boxes. But his arrangements have rhythm and it is lovely to look at his work. 

This picture shows his work in 1999 where he put paper on long steel cables from 13 meter high.
At the gallery "the Eesdron" he also used leftover boxes from slides and filled them with small squares of paper, again in the colours of the rainbow. He calls his work:
Konstruktive Verbindungen Schaffen : Creating Constructional Connections.

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