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zaterdag 21 juli 2012

Big Titanic Fan

Unexpectedly, we had a visit today from my friend and her daughter ,my godchild, Jasmine, who is 11 years old. Currently she is the biggest fan of "The Titanic." She has the video seen maybe 10 times, and the music of the movie rehearsed on the piano, the drawings she makes are also all about the Titanic.
made by Jasmijn 21-7-2012
When she came she had everything with her, Like her scetchbook and pastels, and ofcourse the video from the titanic itself.If she reviewing the video she knows of it for all what will happen. Every small detail. She likes very much to draw and I think she makes some nice drawings like this one, with skating girls.

My godchild Jasmijn

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  1. Love the skating girls! Looks like a budding artist. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Dianne, thank You Dianne, I arived just now from a lovely day, so my post for today will be tomorrow. Greetings