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vrijdag 19 juli 2013

The beauty of grass

I love the grass in all his varieties and knowing from the wikipedia encyclopedia there are about 8000 different species and on our planet about 55 millions of years. There represent the fifth largest plant family. 

Special now with our beautiful summertime here in the netherlands with the sunshine through the large culms, they look so pretty, that I had to take pictures. 

Is not it funny that every year You keep making pictures of the same little flowers, or clouds or grasses. You have seen them many times, but still they make you smile and make you feel alive and curious what is around the next corner, You take out your camera and click there you go an other picture. But hey I am happy to be able to do that and see the beauty of my surrounding.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I had no idea they represented the 5th largest plant family. Wow! I know one thing for certain - they are a source of much sneezing for many :) BUT do make a good subject for photography!

    1. Hi Alessa, thank You for visiting my blog. Yes You are right, some people have trouble with grasses, I do not belong to them. I love the soft moving of the culms catching the sunlight.