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woensdag 11 april 2012


Day 11 of the ultimate blog challenge
What are doodelings? I came across this word a year ago while I was looking at en e-magazin I believe it was Cloth Scissors, if You are a mixed media artist I'm sure You know what I mean. Looking up the word in wikepedia it says: Doodles are unfocused drawings, without any intention while otherwise occupied.

Yes I remember doing just that, while I was on the phone, at times when the phone was still connected to the wall and I could not walk around the room,  like I do now. Sometimes I found a little piece of paper next to the phone, or just an envelope. I used pens or watercolor or sometimes even makeup to make my doodles.

I looked in my drawer and found a whole collection of doodlings made by me. Some good, some bad, some funny. And made a new one. Because to do some doodeling makes your creativity flow again.

Funny Ladies

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