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zondag 6 mei 2012


Just a short wile ago, I came in contact with Mrs. Petra de Haas, who lives and works at the castle "Aerwinkel".
Many happenings take place in that lovely Castle,  like marriages and vernisages. I"m proud to let You know, that my textiel art will be exhibited this month starting 10th of may till the end of this month. I am not sure yet how many pieces she can place. I will find out tomorrow.

The Castle was build in 1854 by the famous Architect Pieter Cuypers. Roermond was Cuypers home and work place and now our Museum reopend last year october and called "Cuypershuis"
Here a picture of my textielart that I have made because of Cuypers.

Every year there is a "Kastelendag Roerdalen 28 mei 2012"
Together with the Castles Montfort and Daelenbroeck, they organised an adventurous TO DO day for the whole family, with the topic: Middle Ages. They expect about 2000 till 3000 visitors

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Amazing! What beautiful art, you are very talented. I wish I could go to see your exhibition. Hope all goes well for you.

  2. Thank You Dianne, yes me too I am curious

  3. What an amazing building and love your interpretation of it. Do you do commissions for individuals who want their homes done?

    1. Hi Caroline Thank You for your comment, and yes indeed I alo work vor indivuduals, make their haus , garden, or landscapes after a photograph, but they have to give me freedom for my interpratation.

  4. What a gorgeous rendition of the architecture in textile. Very beautiful work. I can only imagine the hours you put into it.

  5. Thank You very much Cath. and greetings from the netherlands