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zondag 3 juni 2012

Some Show News

Las Vegas has so much to offer and we are very fortunate to have some good friends and our daughter working there. One day, Nathaly came to us with a surprise. She had special event tickets for the "Mystère Show" from Cirque du Soleil, for our friend Brian Andro who is working at this show, they organised a surprise Party after the Show for his 80th. birthday. So we were standing on this great stage. His son had made a movie of his LIFE. We worked with him many years ago round 1960.

Then an other day Tuson Big Mountain our son-in-law brought us backstage of the new "Aria" the newest Luxury Hotel in the City Center from Las Vegas  He has a large working space and is a carpenter.
Backstage is enormous large and 6 stories high. Wow, I wonder how many people are necessary to operate all these large props and stages, up and down. The show is called "Viva Elvis"  Tuson told us there are 40 people during showtime working. The biggest surprse was a phonecall from our daughter Nathaly who got us tickets for this great show, the last day, before we had to leave, where she performs as  "Westerngirl."
We are so glad to be able to see her on this stage. She was wonderful.
I know, I am proud of her,  our daughter Nathaly (Bonny West)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I am so happy you were able to come visit!

  2. Love the picture with the lasso! That looks so cool. I bet the show was a rollicking good time!

  3. Hello Jessy, Thank You very much for Your comment. And Yes it was a verry good show.