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donderdag 5 juli 2012

A good start, but.....

With a lot of power and enthusiastic I went downstairs to my new workspace in the galery. I was sure to make an other handbag today, but decided to make it a little bigger this time. I had alraidy the top part printed from one of my textileart pieces, which came out real good. I found a wool fabric with all the colours in it, so that was easy. For the back I wanted to use my jeans material.

I was good on the way and after 4 hours I started with the lining and a dark red fabric was chosen.

I sewed a pocker inside and then the lining for the bag was complete. But when it was entirely finished, I did not like it at all the lining much too soft. It is not easy to take something out what is done, but I had to do it all over. So unfortunately I can not show You my latest creation, the hours I worked to day, too much but for sure tomorrow I will be happy with it. Here a picture from the front part.

It is only pinned together

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