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donderdag 19 juli 2012

Nothing works without the Music

That is the first I have to do in the morning, when I go downstairs in my shop I take my MAC plug it in and look for I tunes than the Radiostations.Is n't that fantastic now a days You have the whole world on your fingertips. Like Gypzy music, You got it, Or Classic, You got it and so on and so on. Me for my part I love to work with New Age or Jazz. There is Jazzradio.com. They have solo Guitar, Piano, Chypsi, Latin. Just great to work with, and not too much advertizing. Check it out, I'm sure You will like it.
Dieter did a good job today. He finished one frame for my textile art. Now it is so easy to put any work together I like, because You can take of the pictures very easy and change them for different effects.
So I can put winterlandscapes or Autumn feelings together. Not bad and easy to take where ever I want. Thank You my love. I apreciate it. Our cat Speedy had fun too . He found a box and that is all he needs to be happy, I forgot to take a picture of him but here is one, the two of us relaxing after hard work.

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