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vrijdag 26 oktober 2012

Estate Day at the Castle

We had such a lovely day at the castle Aerwinkel last sunday. The weather was superb and many people came to visit. There was an smith, a bakery a woman who made honey wine, candles and more.

                                                        The terrace was open
At the Chapel 4 people showed there arts. I found a very interesting artist who makes drawings from animal eyes and I heard the children who arived at the park: We want to go and have a look at the eyes! So great! Here is a picture of it.
Veronica Kropidlowski
She has also a website if You like to know more about her here is the link
An other artist was a silk and wool painter mrs.Wies Jegerings and not to forget Marie-José Voncken
You can find her on Facebook she makes very interesting Acril Paintings.
I showed just 6 pieces of my textile art pieces but as they stood so close to the peole, I had a lot of succes and hopefully some guest wil come back to me.

Autumn by J.B.Lange Textile Art

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