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maandag 14 januari 2013

Colette Berends, textile artist

 I'm a big collector of textile magazins and the first thing I do when I come to the usa is going to one of the great bookstores there and see what is new. I love Quilting Arts or Haut Bags. these are magazins which I can not get here. There are many great textileartist around the world and I would love to meet some. In may I go to a big show of OEQC that is the Open European Quilt Championships. This year it will be from 3 - 5 of may and there will be a show-of-the-art work from Colette Berends who died last year but worked more than 20 years as a textielartist. She was born as a boy and used to work in clubs around Europe and so her work was mostly based on  theater, nightclubs and backstage scenes. Very beautiful, take a look at the websites because her work was really fantastic.
My backstage quilt handpainted on silk and hand quilted, after a painting by Klimt

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