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maandag 21 januari 2013

My studio

Some friends came over to visit my new studio and were so surprised of all the different variety of art I make.
I'm not happy with it yet and will work on it
some more. It is only ready when it
is signed, but the idea is good.

Yes I know it is very much ,painting,collages,textile,knitting,crochet and sewing. And I do like all of it. On top of that, I made a childrens book and a poetry collection. But most of all I love my textile Artwork. We had a very nice afternoon with the three sisters Ulla, Christa and Helga. Dieter was a very good host too.
My art on the wall
After all the work I had to do the last week I was able to finish my Rag quilt piece and now I have to make some more, because I want to make a handbag out of it and need some more for the sides of the handbag.

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