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zaterdag 9 februari 2013


A few days ago , I came across the website of Milliande, a woman born in Germany, but I understand she lives now in England. her site name is CAPI, which stands for: Create Art Portfolio Ideas Course. I got curious about her work progress. She brings up ideas of how to proceed in your artwork to get your very own style. I always like to keep my mind open for different approaces so I started to look at her classes.
First assigment nr. 1
The first assigment was to doodle with a pencil into a square as much as You like. Then take an other coloured pencil and see if You find some interesting lines. It looks easy, but I made a few doodles and it took me a while till I could find some interesting lines.
First assigment nr. 2
Later on you have to take one of those images and start creating many different drawings, just for the purpose to see what You can do with it. I will see how far I can go.
2e assigment nr. 2
I'm still hard working on my quilt, I do about 3 hours a day hand stiching and therefore it is good to get relaxed with my doodles.

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