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maandag 8 april 2013

Harp Music at the Castle Aerwinkel

Yesterday I went to the performance of 2 great artist in the castle "Aerwinkel"

In the wintersaison there are many concerts in the Castle and this was the last one of the season.
Claudia (Half Surinaams/Indiaans) loves South American music and fell in love with the harp musice from Luis Bordin (1926-2006)when she was 15 years old and promissed herself: One day I will be playing the Harp. She studied classic guitar in the Netherlands and when she met an artist who played the harp, she knew now is the time, and took lessons on de Paraguayens Harp. Since 7 years, she plays together with the fabulous guitar player Manito.

Claudia has a very warm and beautiful voice and her singing touched me deeply. Manito learned to play spanish and clssic guitar when he was only 7 years old. He is autodidact. For him the guitar is the extension of the soul.
Christal chandelier in the lovely room of the castle
It was a lovely sunday afternoon and I am sure to go to the castle Aerwinkel, whenever they give a concert.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful music, and while it's not my first choice in music, it is always interesting to me how music of any type can reach the heart, head, and touch the soul and take it to places that one would have never thought.
    Thanks for introducing me to a new musical type - and for making my heart dance with glee.

    1. Hi Rose, Thank You for Your comment, I went to see your blog and You also love textile like I do . Nice dolls. Ablut music I do love many different styles too. Jazz , classic the blues but I do love the spanish guitar a lot. Greetings