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zondag 7 juli 2013

A very good day

A very good day

We got an invitation from one of Dieters golffriends. They are real old guys with a lot of power and love to hit the ball on the golfcourse. 
They know each other for years and now and then come together for a snack, lunch or dinner. Yesterday we were in Germany invited by Dieter (not my Dieter) and his wife Karin , they live in a lovely little town not far from here, just over the border in the middle of woods and nearby a small lake a real holiday place with a nice garden and very quiet.

Ofcourse we went only in the afternoon after they had there golfgame and I had my walk around the town with my sticks. I went around the whole town, like I use to run before, so by know, everyone in town has seen me walking and that is okay.
The weather was gorgeous  and the tables and chairs stood in the garden under a awning a nice brize and a good glas of whine. Than we could go to the buffet for a nice fish platter It looked so good that my Dieter made a picture of it. 

Almost as nice as a painting, but that did not stay for long that way, I can tell You.
I walked through the garden and made some pictures too. 3 Hours later we went home again, tired but happy.

day 7 of the UBC

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful - I don't eat much fish, so that platter kind of scares me lol.
    Seems like you had a great day!

  2. Hmm,I could probably manage to eat that all by myself: )

  3. Wow Yum! Love fish! And that fish platter looks delicious~ Can see that you had great company for lunch and that is most important =)

  4. A very good day indeed. A reminder that it is the people in our lives that enrich it... And some good food to go along with the fellowship is always an added bonus!