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maandag 15 juli 2013

Happy to show some nice work of art.

I'm so proud of my husband Dieter, he seems to be always in a good mood and I know, that working with paint and making drawings is one of the reason he is like that. 
Dieter Lange
Even when we are sitting and watching TV together, he takes his aquarelblock and starts painting. It gives such a lovely atmosphere watching him next to me with his brushes and paint on the table in front of us. No he does not need an extra working space, it is right there on his lap!
Ofcourse he ask me always: what do You think of this one. Well I can tell that he is getting better everytime, so I'm happy to show some of his work here today. Mostly he takes pictures from the golfcourse in every season and get his inspiration from there.

For more information about his work, You can always reach us by email at codiart@home.nl

2 opmerkingen:

  1. What a pleasant domestic picture to imagine, your contented hubby painting while you spend your time together! I'm so impressed that he is taking up this new creative hobby and I like his paintings very much!

    1. Thank You very much for your comment Amy and my hubby is happy too. And by the way, he is painting again. greetings