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zondag 22 september 2013

Yes it went very well

Yes it went very well,

I mean to be guide at the Castle Aerwinkel.
  • There were 7 people who came to visit the castle. They came from the West part of the Netherlands like Rotterdam and Zeeland and also from Den Haag. Limburg the place where I live, is in the south of Holland and a little more hilly and also more quieiter. That is something we do not feel anymore. But I remember when I came here about 30 years ago, that is something I too fellt that way. I printed out a few pages about the castle and all the information about the architect Pierre Cuypers who has build this castle Aerwinkel in 1854, incase I lost it, but I did not need to look at it. And after one hour we sat together and had some coffee and VLAAI ( that is a speciality from our province Limburg)

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