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donderdag 5 september 2013


It was time to start my Etsy shop again, I was very lazy. No, that is not true ofcourse I worked hard and made many aquarels and now this coming sunday two of them will be exhibited together with two of my textile Artworks from our home town Roermond at the Central Hall of the Hospital LAURENTIUS
This will be opened on the 9th of september by our mayor. And stay untill 23th. Of september.

So for people who live here nearby,  go and have a look. I would love to hear from You and get some feedback.
But yes, I started my Etsy shop again. It is a lot of work, making photos with the right impact, light and good color. Also to discribe the items in English and Dutch has to be done and takes time.
Every day I will put one item more, so please come back more often and see if You find something of your interest. Remember it is soon Christmas time again!!! And starting to buy for friends and family can not be too early enough.
Detail black and white necklace

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