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vrijdag 11 oktober 2013

The rain in spain.

The rain in spain , yes it did rain to day and the temperature went down about 10C. I had to put on a warm vest and we bought an umbrella so we could  at least walk a little. We went to a small Dutch restaurant and had Poffertjes a typical dutch delicious breakfast. 

When we past the large place Dieter made a picture of me in the rain and send it to our daughter in Las Vegas just to let her know it is not sunshine all the time here. In the Casa de la Cultura was an exhibition of a Spanish artist named Jordi Urbon. His work is made with photos and digital art, which I too love to make. But he is very good. He tells stories with his paintings. The Casa de la Cultura inhabited also the library and cinema's. Very modern and nice. We liked very much the part for the small children, to look in all the collections of children books. Very colorful ad clean. 
Dieters painting of the castle from Lloret de Mar
in the rain, and some digital work from me,
made this picture.

When we came to the hotel I had to make a digital work too and I think it is not so bad at all, but ofcourse I do not have all the software You would need for this kind of work.


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