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woensdag 22 januari 2014

Just a happy start

Till now this month was very busy, but also interesting I did a lot, exept writing my blog, sorry it took so long.

First I had to get my textileart to the Galery “Het Achterhuis” in Roermond. Dieter helped me very good, to bring all the pieces save to the galerie, we did not need a car because the gallerie is in walking distance and the weather was fine. The official opening was on friday the 10th. And was opened by Connie Hannen, she did a good job and there were about 55 people at the opening. We are 4 artist. Mary Jose Voncken with paintings, Yvonne Hensgens with keramiek, Marlies Lavarack with juwleries and myself with textileart and plastic recycled bags and shabby chique colliers.

We are open on Saturdays and Sundays only and that is realy nice. We got already a lot of visitors. The show will go on untill the end of january.

Than I worked also as JESTER in the theater The Oranjerie for Lachenderwies a show that runned for the 5th time and I always was the JESTER in this show.

That means to bring in the comedians by the public and bring them on stage and back again when they are ready. It means a lot of running and smiling all the times, for 4 hours, but I love it. You can find many pictures of me as JESTER on the internet just click this link. After the show, This is my face. !!!!
Water water water soap soap soap needed!!!!!

In the meantime I finished my very large quilt, I just did the binding and maybe tomorrow I still want to do some stibbeling on the machine around the borders. We will see. I love the colour combination with the gray silk around it.

I’m surprized what I will do next!!!!! I will let You know for sure it will be with some nice fabric

My Hubby Dieter, he too was working very hard on his large artpiece “The Face” I will write about it more next time.
This is just the design but it is readdy and RED

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  1. Wow, you are so busy leading a very creative life!

    1. Thank You daughter, You know I always have to do something, it is not always working, but it makes me feel good.

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