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maandag 18 juli 2016

Let love come back to the world

A few days ago an other sad day for France and the whole world.
Pray for Nice, for the whole world and let love come back instead of hate.
I wrote a song back in 2001 after the terrible terror act in New York.
A friend of my Ron Schmenck from California, put it on music.
Here the link to You Tube https://youtu.be/ncNfTdDetrU

So here it is

Songs of freedom
songs of love
do we care
songs of hate
why are they there
we don’t need
this anywhere
Give me Your hand
lets understand
the hurting pain
from a different land
maybe soon
we will know
there is one heaven
where we all go.

So try it here
for childrens sake
on this planet
is it too late?
as long as we hate
there will be 
no freedom.

Sing songs of love
and not of hate
lets hope 
it is not to late
we all want to live
on this planet
with songs of freedom
with songs of freedom
with songs of freedom

Jacoba B.Lange 27-9-2001
Ron Schmenck schreef de muziek hierbij.   Erg mooi.

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