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woensdag 5 juli 2017

An other painting

The way to Valkenburg was okay just to find the museum in the middle of this tourist city where you can not park anywhere was really awful. But good that Dieter went with me. The space that KC61 has is at the top of the building and when I brought my work upstairs, Dieter had to bring the car to a parking lot a bit outside the center. All in all, I forgot to take pictures, so it will be Sunday when the exhibition is opened. After I finished and we picked up the car, Dieter did not know where he dropped the car. Only that it was near a castle, but yes there are more castles in Valkenburg. It took us about an hour before we found him. I had given up soon.Haha !! Because I have not taken pictures, here is another picture of an acryl artwork from Dieter which he  painted last month, in respons to our short vacation in Spain with our daughter. So also some pictures of the Costa Brava. A place where we love to be.
Costa Brava painting by Dieter Lange

mam and daughter
Dad and daughter
on the beach

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