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zaterdag 1 juli 2017

I promised myself

Yes, I did, I want to write in July at least every second day of this month. There are a few important things coming soon and many important days of our lives have happened in recent months.

I start with something I have done today. It was a rainy day, so our normal golf morning to play 9 holes was not possible. That's why I decided to be creative and take a lampshade that needed to be decorated. So I searched my little pieces of fabric in turquoise and blue cut out some pieces and started sewing. But oh, the needle did not want to easily come through the lampshade and it took more than an hour to give up. Normal that does not happen to me I'm always going on, but I knew that this would not be an improvement. So I removed all the pieces. Look for paper from a magazine and paste it. Not done yet. But here is the picture of the lampshade in progress.

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