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woensdag 23 februari 2011

Party time in Las Vegas

Party time in Las Vegas
What a nice day we had on the 20th of february. First of all it was the 20th.wedding  anniversary from Nathaly and Tuson and also Dieters birthday. So partytime!!!
In the night before we prosted with a good glas of Champagne and Nathaly brought in the birthday cake for Dieter.

Then on the morning of the 20th. we went first to the flea market in North Las Vegas. 
So manny people mostly Mexican families and therefore a lot of Mexican Music and food. Which I like a lot , it gives You the feeling  of being in Mexico.
 We walked a few hours and bought some little souvenirs.
We had  lunch in a nice place called Sedona lounge! Very good apetizers and a nice place to relax.
 After a rest at home. We went in to town and had Dinner at Mon ami Gabi
We finished just in time to go to the next place in V the ultimate  VARIETY show in the Miriacle Mile Mall part of Planet Hollywood.

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