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vrijdag 18 maart 2011

Home again

We are lucky that Nathaly has friends in Las Vegas who could give us tickets for a Variete Show, It was  great, with Show Girls, Tapdancers, very good, Magic show and Singers. We had a great time and bought the photo they had made from us, when we arrived. Here it is

On the road to Boulder City

Boulder City near the Hoover Damm
In the meantime we are back in the Netherlands, but the last few days in Las Vegas were very nice. One day we went to a little town called Boulder City. It has a lot to offer. Many curiosity shops. Handcrafts like knitting, Art also for bags . I talked to the lady and she is very interested in my own hautbags. I will see what to do with that.
My Art bag with picture of Dieters Grandma
hier some pictures from the different shops we visited.

A lot of Art even on the street

We had a snack in Boulder City but after that we went to our favorite restaurant and had Fish again

 Our last day we went to Makino a japanese buffet restaurant with sushi, tempura and chinese cuisine
Look at their website. Mouthwatering!

Bye Bye Las Vegas

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