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zondag 1 april 2012

Where to start

As I am en elderly woman, from 67 years old , so where do You start, if You challenge yourself to do a blog every day. Important to use your head. I have to write in english, look up some words in a dictionary, read blogs from other bloggers. What do other older people do after they stopped working, are they aware with aging. How do they think about their future. Is that even important? I would like to know how many people over 65 are here to make a blog everyday. It would be nice to hear from them. What are their hobby's and how do they live, still by them self or are they living in a nursing home? 
Fortunately I have a lot if interesting hobbies and most of all I love working with textile and make little artpieces from my home town or from landscapes. Further on photografie, traveling, writing poetry , working om my computer which is a MAC, yes I love my mac. I would not like to be without him. At the same time as I work this month challenge, I will make some more Art work and show it to You.

So here is my fist picture from the start of my next piece, which is a picture from a golfcourse, not far from here in the beautiful surrounding of my hometown Roermond, it is named Burggolf herkenbosch and is about 14 km. from here. We have just walked 9 hoes this morning it was beautiful, although the weather is not so warm but the sun was shining. And now my first blog is accomplished.
With wordcounttool I now I have 273 words


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