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maandag 2 april 2012

My Cat

Our Cat is a Main-Coon
About 2 years ago my mom got real bad and could not walk anymore. She came in a hospital, but had a nice cat a Main-Coon
Nice Cat

Of course she was very sad that she had to leave her very beloved cat, as she was living by her self and the cat ment everything to her. So we decided to take the cat: Speedy is his name in our house and my mom was very happy with that. We are not realy cat lovers but we get along with him . A year later my mother died.I am glad she came to visit us a few times while she was living in a nursing home nearby and found her cat Speedy was doing fine. The only problem I have: He has so much hair and do not like to get combed and get a lot of felt that looks realy bad. 2 Days ago I brought her to the docter and she got shaved . Now he looks UGLY? 

Poor Speedy
well very different at least. We will get used to it and of course Speedy does not feel comfortable at the moment but  I know that in 2 month time he will be all beautiful again.
Visit this website to get more information about this breed http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maine_Coon

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