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dinsdag 31 juli 2012

A thrilling month

The last day of the ultimate blogchallenge again. This month was not an easy task. I was very busy doing a lot of things, My textielart work was very important. But I was very honored by the fabulous ribbon award I received from Dianne Jones and also the comments I received about my work on Facebook and my blog. I received 1250 clicks and that is great. I made a new digital Art from a foto on the golfcourse and now it looks more like a painting.Almost like a fairy tale with transparent nymphs.

Next week I have to work on my Etsy shop again, and will put some nice artwork in like handbags One of a kind and probably also some of my digital and textile Artworks. I will post again when that is done. In August not only do I have the exhibition on the golfcourse, but was invited to put my most beautiful Textileart piece in a quiltshow. Here a picture.
I wil surely visit some of Your bloggers post everyday one or two, to stay informed. Have a great time and/or holidays Hope to hear from You now and than.

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