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vrijdag 17 augustus 2012

Handwerktentoonstelling "handicrafts exhibition"

For the 4th time: naald en draad; organizes these great crafts exhibition in the Caroluskapel and the Carthusian Monastery in Roermond "Naald en Draad" Needl and Tread a spezialized shop for everything You need for needl craft like "Merklappen"samplers, for stiching letters in different styles. Many people in the netherlands try to keep these tradition. Cityscapes made ​​with cross stabbing, or tiny flowers and houses. Just lovely also some quilts are shown.
My work was showed for the second time and I got a real nice opportunity to show my "Stadhuis" Textile art as the big opening of this exhibition.
The alderman Mr. Wim Kemp and Sabine de Bruin the dir. of Naald en Draad, took the silk cover away from my Textile work. All the people who stood around it where very surprized and I got a lot of compliments.
Mr. Kemp wanted to know everything about it. How long it tooks to finished this work and he found his working space behind one of the windows. He promised me to talk to the mayor about this.

Left a detail from "het stadhuis on the right site: from a picture I took 3 years ago from the garden of the monastery I made a small textile work.
Also this piece from the Museum with mr. Cuypers in front.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. This piece should defenetly hang in "het stadhuis "
    It is beautiful!

    1. De wethouder vond het prachtig maar nu de rest nog. In ieder geval heb ik er mijn best voor gedaan.