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zondag 16 september 2012

Last day of my Exhibition

A whole month my textile Art was exhibited at the Clubhouse from the Golfcourse in Herkenbosch at the St. Andrews Restaurant. I was very pleased with that opportunity and many people saw my work there. The opening was made by the President of the Club Mr. Jan Hol.


The last work I made was from the Clubhouse itself and ofcourse it is so detailed that it took a long time to finished it. Here some picures of that work.

while I was still working on it.
I hung some work on the pillars with lights on, so they were exposed correctly. Than Dieter had made 2 large frames, so I was was able to hang 2 pieces on that frame. It worked out great.
I was very pleased that a fellow Artist: Marianne Delmee took the time to come over and had a look at my work. Unfortunately nothing sold, I was surprised because all found it wonderful what I had created, but sometimes an artist must have patience and wait for better times. Yet I go by with my work. I love to have fabric and colors around me. So wait and see what the next will be. I was introduced by Marianne to Bird art installation so that's my next goal.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Your work is beautiful!
    And I love having so much of it surrounding me in my house!

    1. Dank schatz. ich freue mich immer wenn Du auf mei blog reagierst. alles liebe

  2. Hello Jo Anne, thank You very much!! I enjoyed reading "On being a woman." We could be about the same age I believe. Greetings from the netherlands