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zaterdag 7 juli 2012

Digital Art

Today I would like to write something about my digital Art. Since I have my MAC I love to play around with my photo's. So I bought the software from Adobe Photoshop Elements many years ago and love it. Unfortunately I should upgrade my Mac Book to the latest version LION, but than Photoshop Elements does not work anymore. Two years ago I used to work much more with digital images as I was making a book about Dieters Artist Family called "125 Years Artist Family Lange" By looking through all the old photos I had to make many reparations, so I could use them in the book.
Dieter sitting on the elephants head and his mam in costume next to the elephant
I love this picture It is from Dieters Grandparents in their Showcostumes
His Father was not born yet .This must have been around 1895. I have changed the background a lot.

My latest digital Art piece, made today

If You like Mixed Media Art, like I do I am sure You know about Cloth paper scissors there You can find many free resourses about everything a mixed media artist love.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Very interesting. Wish I had the patience to work with images in such a way. I esp love the vintage photo of the show costumes and the way you treated the background.....

    1. Thank You Carolina. Yes esp. the vintage one took almost a day but You know time goes by so fast when You are creating.

  2. Great! love your latest! don't know much about mixed media art I will have to look into it :)

    1. Thank You Dianne for Your comment. I had fun creating the last one today.