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zondag 8 juli 2012


We visited a good friend of us today in Germany.
Everytime when we are together, we talk about some good days and the holidays we had.  Like us she loves traveling a lot.
We came home very late this evening and I still like to post for the blogchallenge and so I will post a poem which I made one day before 9/11  2001 and the Trade Center in New York was attackt and thousends of people killed. It is about Traveling.

Traveling around the world
Music touches my heart
Like waterdrops passing by
that calling sound.

It seems it never stops
no matter what age I am
Waiting for wonders in
a different land.
What do I want to see?

Nervous heart beat
Like drums far away
Getting louder every day
I‘v got to go my way

Following the sounds
 of traveling
Inspired by the music
of all differend kind
It does not matter where I go
I know, it will always be there.

Dreams of freedom 
dreams of love
nomore sorrow
Flying: here I go
higher and higher
music puls me up there

Almost afraid, where do I go
I slowly come down to the earth
My own wings closing till
I feel the save ground
of my own home town
Hope it will always be there


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hope you're enjoying the blog challenge! I'm so glad I get to have the opportunity to travel a lot. Next big trip is to Spain for three weeks to do a 200-hour yoga training.

  2. Wow Kimberly I love Spain it is my very favorite country. Hope You find time to see some country side with your 200 hour training. Let me know when You are back. Greetings