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maandag 9 juli 2012

Big challenge

Next month I have an exhibition of textile Art on the Golfcourse. I finished 8 nice pieces and thought that is enough, but I decided to make an other piece about 4 times the size of the other ones. It is a very complicated one. Many small details. Today I started and worked  8 hours. Now that I have my studio back again, at least I have plenty of room to trow all my scraps of fabric around to find the right colours and thickness. I started with the sky, a scrap from handpainted crepe silk. The desigh is from a small picture and I have made a scetch in the size I need.

I have to build my work from the top down to not get lost, also I must plan everything carefully and take the background first. Otherwise I can not sew it anymore. Anyway here are some more pictures.
                                                This is for reverence what colours I use.
The beginning is made
I must say that this time it is much more difficult for me to write everyday for the challenge then in April and I am not so sure if I can finish all the 31 post for this month. But I made the choice! I will keep You informed  about my progress. Tomorrow I will post a children story which I wrote.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Very interesting project. I will keep following you while you progress. Also, I am interested to know more about this upcoming exhibition. In the meantime, good luck with your artwork.

  2. hallo Petra, Dank je wel voor je komentaar. daar ben ik altijd blij mee. Vanaf 12 Augustus is mijn werk te bezichtigen bi burggolf in Herkenbosch. En nu kun je eventueel kijken naar werk over Roermond hier in mijn galerie in roermond. Ook is er werk van mij te zien in kasteel Aerwinkel Posterholt. vele groeten