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dinsdag 10 juli 2012

Little Raindrop

This blog is the first post of three about a children story I wrote 2 years ago. I wrote this in Dutch ofcourse and named it "De regendruppel die geen plas wilde worden" It is about a little raindrop. The paintings were made by a friend of mine Noelle. I bind the book after changing the paintings to size and colours I wanted with photoshop elements. I translated it to englis, but I think it is not perfect, but You still know what I want to say.
The cover
Dark clouds above the small village, it will soon be raining.
In the darkest cloud You have ever seen, as much as millions small raindrops were waiting to be released.
They were very delighted to see the world at last and dancing by the wind, in wild speed would fall down to the earth.
After one detonation from the thunder sounded from far, they went. The dark cloud released them. Beautiful shiny raindrops fell down in full speed. it was a great feeling.
Where would they land?
The gusts bump the raindrops as a large curtain from left to right. They found it splendid

But one little raindrop did not like it at all, to be between the mob. He got afraid to be so closed in by the others and he did not feel at ease at all
The raindrops came dens at the ground and saw from far the first churches and buildings from the borough.
The story goes on just read tomorrow.

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