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woensdag 11 juli 2012

Little Raindrop 2e.

The raindrops which were fallen first, came down on the roofs from the houses and then down to the streets. Some of them fell down in the meadows, but mostly they arived in the streets and soon there were many water puddles.
A few people, were still outside on the street, and walked a step faster under their umbrellas to get home. 
The small raindrop got the cramped at th thoughts himself would also fall in such a water puddle. No that wil not happen to him yet? He sought out a spot to come from afar.
Amid all the gray, he discovered a beautifully coloured, full of flowers strewn umbrella, with lace around it. That would be his spot.
He was cautious on a breath of the wind, drifting away from the other drops. He let himself fall on this beautiful umbrella, where he ended up in a small burrow. There he first had to unwind a little from the long journey. He was glad that he had found such e fine spot. It was still raining cats and dogs. The umbrella went faster and faster. He had to stick himself very well, to not fall out of his burrow
Finally, they were still. What did happen? He flew back and forth. The umbrella was closed and the raindrops therefrom shaken.

Next en last part is for tomorrow.

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