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donderdag 12 juli 2012

Little Raindrop 3e

Most of the drops flew off, but the little droplet slipped back just over the brim, back to the lower burrow.
Now he could see, who had walked under the umbrella. It was a little girl with blond hair and a ponytail. She opened the door." Hello mam, there I am again."
"Hallo Marietje, what a therrible weather, come and put the umbrella in the bin, and than we will have a cup of tea together,"
There the little raindrop sat, fortunately while he was sliped down, he could even look to the outside through the window. On the street, he heard the cars driving by the puddles. It seemed that they liked that. The raindrops that flew up from the puddles, screamd loud and had a lot of fun. Again again he heard them say Again.
"Mam" Marietje asked," May I please play outside, it is almost dry. "Yes Marietje, but first put on your coat and booties.".
There she went, Her friends waited outside on her. They ran through the puddles and with their booties they kicked the droplets up and caught them with the hands back on.
It became a real Water Party.
The little raindrop was sitting all alone on the brim of the umbrella! He was sorry that he did not ended up on the street like the other drops.Listen how much fun they had outside and laughed. The small raindrop took a deep breath and was very sad.
Suddenly, he was hot, what was that? The sun hit him. What was the intention? He crept gently on the sunshine and felt how he was getting higher and higher. Through the window, to the outside.
Higher and higher it went. Houses, churches and other buildings were getting smaller, until there was nothing more to see of the town.
The droplet looked up, what saw he there, brillant colors
A celestial arch from red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet. The colours of the whole world, from everything what grows and from people large and small, of white red yellow or black.

There was the raindrop gently deposited on this beautiful Rainbow. He looked at the Earth and was pleased with its existence. One thing is certain he thought. If I fall down as a raindrop again, I also want to end up in a puddle Like all the others.
Laugh together, and have fun with the cars, which shattered the puddles and the children with their colourd booties which stomping and dancing with the drops and had fun. Yes, that was sure, he never wanted to be alone.

The End.

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