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zondag 1 juli 2012

Jazz in the evening

What a good start for the blogchallenge today. I know that it is very good for me to do this. It helps me keeping focust on my english writing and taking pictures, doing my art work and publish everyday. Now yesterday evening my husband who's name is Dieter and I went to a Jazzfestival in our town Roermond in the Netherlands. "ROERMOND SWINGT" The square in front of a nice Hotel was crowded, people where sitting on the marble stairs and all the chairs in front of the hotel were occupied. Luckely we found a place to sit and had a good look concerning the square.
At the Jazznight there were many different orchester, but at the time we were there a girl named Susanne Alt & Band featured Jamal Thomas Susanne is German but lives in Amsterdam. She is good HERE You can listen to her playing the Saxophone "Now Forever"
It was a great evening the weather perfect!

 When we went home I had to take an other picture of our lovely square "Munsterplein"

You can watch an video here from this lovely evening

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  1. I love Munsterplein!! How simply beautiful.

    1. Hallo Jessie, Thank You very much for your comment. When the weather is good it looks real great. But I also have some nice winter pictures. I will post them some other time.