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maandag 2 juli 2012

Life is good

So soft the inside with tiny feathers a lovely home
Yes life is good. Just walking through the nature brings me joy. Dieter plays golf mostly everyday it is good for him and not bad for me. I just walk with him about 3 times a week. Watching nature change. The 4 seasons here in the Netherlands are very clear. Now the summer just starts and the trees have their darkest green, the flowers the most lovely colours. The clouds in the sky changes, I can see faces in them or animals. Then I carry my smartphone with me and click around to make a lot of picures. Many of them I will use in my Textile Art. Yesterday I found an empty birdsnest. Even some mushrooms.

 Next to the golfcourse there once was a railroad, but now nature takes over again with lovely wild flowers all over.

Yes life is good.

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