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zaterdag 14 juli 2012

Not finished yet but...?

Yes I'm happy with the progress of my textielart work. But I have to cross my fingers as my 20 year old sewingmachine does not like to work so much anymore. Yesterday was a real bad day to work with her. Sometimes she worked fine for half an hour , than she stopt after only 2 stiches, very frustrating. I called my machine distributor but he does not work anymore and to make a reparation is soooo expensive and will not last for a long time he said. Very sad, I took care of that machine very well she was faithfully checked annually.
Luckely my good friend and coutourier Johnn van Dijk, who lives across the road could help me out with an other sewing machine and You know what, since I have his machine, mine is working fine, like a new one, well ofcourse I don't know how long that will last. As You can see on the picture my work is growing, but I am sure to work about 10 days more on it.
Here is an other picture of a nice spot on the golfcourse where I will have an exhibition starting 10th of august. I will keep You informed.

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