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zondag 15 juli 2012

Castle gardens

Yesterday, I had to go to the castle Aerwinkel again, to pick up my textile art. I need the work,  because Dieter will put 2 of them together on a frame covert by jeans material. Than it will be so much better to hang it on the wall in the clubhouse . The weather is still very changeble, but lucky enough I took some nice photos of the garden in springtime.
This was the time, the azaleas were still in bloom and so many different colous of red and pink. Just lovely
Ofcourse there are many very large and big trees mostly chestnut and oak trees.

The trees look even beautiful when they have fallen down and other tiny plants find a new living space.

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  1. HI Codiart,

    I like your pictures. Looks like a beautiful space!

    1. hi Amy Thank You for your comment, I tried to get to your blog but that did now work but at the blogger i watched your profile and name greeting frm me