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maandag 16 juli 2012

Not so much, just digital fun

No that is true, I did not do too much to day, just cleaning up my kitchen a little. Than I sat down on my computer and started with some digital art again. I tried to put two pictures in one. I have done it before, but a while ago and had to practice it. At the end I did okay, but strange enough I could not save it is jpg. So I took e picture from my work with the smart phone, it is not as good as on the computer, but You will have an idea. Here it is.
I put the flower pictures in first, than the castle but small fixed them together and aranged some more flowers around and before You know it. Two hours gone!!!! BUT I HAD FUN.
Than this evening I had to do some real work and started to put the jeans fabric around the panel Dieter made for me for the next exhibit.
Auwa my knees, but I finished almost one, only the corners, but that is for tomorrow!!

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