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vrijdag 11 januari 2013

Antique Crochet

Around 4 month ago, still in the summer, I visited a friend of my who wanted to show me something. She knows that I love textile art. She found (a long time ago) bits and pieces, all very beautiful crochet flowers and seeds.

This work looks like it was made by monks in a monastery or so. Because the material is very fine cotton and the motifs are only made using single crochets or knitted.
The flowers were all wrinkled and had some stains, but I knew this was too beautiful to have it in a drawer.

So I gave her the advise to clean it carefully and sew the pieces nicely on a linen in the same color and make a wallhanging. But formost Do It !! And now voilĂ  she called me, come and have a look I did it. And whow it came out soooo beautiful. It got a special place with light on it in her great salon. I'm very proud of her, that she took the time to finish this UFO (unfinishe object.)

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