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donderdag 10 januari 2013

Digital work

This is a picture of my very first quilt I made for my daughter. I designed it myself. I wanted to give it the impression of feathers in the center part, because our son in law is native american and a dancer as wel and his costumes are all beautiful and with a lot of feathers.
Handquilted very large quilt.

For my next project I was thinking about a painting on silk and quilt it, like i did before. But this time it will be an underwater theme.

I love to work with photoshop elements on my computer and that gives me many possibillities to digtalize and experiment with my photos. Sometimes I just use some colors and work around with triangles and flowers. than I figure out if something will work for me to paint of quilt.

With my sewing machine on the table, ready to use it is so much fun to try freemotion quilting and it is improving.

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  1. oh, how interesting. I've been working i Photoshop for years and love it too, but never have used it in textiles!

    1. Hi Sandra . Yes it is the same than making a disign by pen or ink . Give it a try. Greetings