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donderdag 3 januari 2013

Smudle weather

This time of the year, it should be freezing cold here in the netherlands, but no it is not, it is so to say smudle weather, who ever invented this word, but I like it. It is much too warm, so around 10C and the nature does not know what to do with this.
Yesterday I walked on the golfcourse with Dieter and took a few pictures.
You see, the hazelnuts start alraidy to grow his male flowers. the Latin name is Corylus avellana Hazelnuts male flowers

Have a look at his lovely website
Today I was working a lot on my new surdio, I had to run up and down 3 stairs many times, to get my plastic boxes full of beautiful scraps to their new home. But did not get any new pictures yet, that will be done for tomorrows blog.

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