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woensdag 30 januari 2013

Stitching in the ditch

 I was working on my quilt and I am stiching in the ditch. With that heavy velvet it is a difficult task to get this big piece under my normal household sewing machine. I would love to get one with a larger opening on the right hand side, but they are very expensive. I am only halfway finished so nothing to show off. Than we had visitors in the house, they asked me if they could work in the attic for an hour or two. It has something to do with carnaval, but also from this happenng I am not allowed to talk yet, because it is for our newspaper which have this placed on saturday.

 Every evening when I am doing my blog, Dieter is sitting next to me and makes drawings. Today it is a face and yesterday a sleeping beauty.

No no no this is not me!  It is a paraphrase from a painting he saw somewere. Tomorrow I will finish my stitching in the ditch, what means I do not make any quilting figures but only in the seems of the different blogs. That is it for today. Tomorrow the last day of the ulimate blogchallenge, I did well and missed only 2 post. I prommissed myself, to keep writing more often, it is good for me and maybe also for some of my readers.
Dieter in his element

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