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dinsdag 29 januari 2013

Write a Map?

Yesterday I was looking at the webcast with DJ Paris, I believe he is a good guy to listen to and I think I can use some of his arguments. He says: Write a Map , well that is something I never do. I see what the day brings me, mostly if I want to do something specific it does not work out. Suddenly TV Arte brings a good program or my husband start to do something in the house, so I feel quilty and start to help him. So not even an old lady like I am, can work after a MAP. But maybe I should.
All pins

Today I found time to work on the quilt again and made some mistakes with the borders of it. I had just some leftovers from the velvet, but I calculated it wrong.

I know you should measure twice before cutting and I thought I did. But oh no,  I cut wrong site first, so now it was too short. Luckely I just had enough to do it all over again. Took me an other hour. Well nobody can tell when it is ready. Isn’t it?
could be a carpet too.

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